How To Consume Our Sea Moss Gels

 Only use clean sterile spoons, do not cross contaminate the gel with spoons used for other foods. Conscious Moss gels are very sensitive as we refuse to use artificial synthetic chemicals to preserve shelf life. The conditions the gel is exposed too, can impact shelf life. 

1 serving = 1tbsp or 2caps

You can consume raw or add a serving to your usual coffee, tea, smoothie or protein shake.

Scoop, mix, drink, enjoy, create...

Store in fridge for 21 days and keep the lid tight. Our Sea Moss can be scooped into ice cube trays and frozen

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Our Gold St Lucia & Original Chondrus Crispus Gels are almost tasteless; so, when it comes to including sea moss in the day to day diet it becomes a versatile ingredient that can be added to soups, stews, salads, drinks, tea, smoothies, and can be easily infused with other fruit juices or protein shakes.