9 Benefits Of Sea Moss

9 Benefits Of Sea Moss

Organic wildcrafted sea moss is known for it’s powerful, energising and healing properties. There are a whole host of benefits of consuming sea moss daily – here are our top 9:


1 - Helping digestion

Wildcrafted sea moss is packed with fibre and live bacteria which is known to help keep the gut healthy.


2 - Giving you energy

Thanks to its high iron contents, those who take Irish moss daily can benefit from increased levels of energy.


3 - Improves hair health

Similar to the way it nourishes and hydrates our skin, sea moss also improves hair health. This is due to its high levels of vitamin K and K which are known to battle negative environmental impacts on the loss of hair and aging.


4 - Managing blood sugar

A recent study into sea moss found the compound fucoxanthin, which is known to reduce levels of blood sugar which are high.


5 - Healthier skin

Sea moss is known to help the inside of our bodies in all sorts of ways – but did you know it can nourish your skin too? The vitamins and minerals in sea moss such as magnesium, vitamin A/K and omega-3 all help with the function of healthy skin cells.


6 - Assisting thyroid function

The iodine in organic sea moss is good for the function of your thyroid, and can also help with weight loss.


7 - Promoting heart health

The omega-3 (natural fatty acids) contained in sea moss are essential for a health heart and cardiovascular system. It also balances cholesterol and acts as a blood thinner which significantly reduces heart disease risk.


8 - Supporting immune function

Sea moss has many anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Containing natural potassium chloride, wildcrafted Irish moss helps the body to lessen inflammation which can lower infection risks.


9 - Boosting your mood

There’s not just physical benefits of taking sea moss daily – you’re likely to see positive mental affects too. The high levels of potassium in our organic wildcrafted sea moss play an important role in supporting emotional health.


 There you have it – the top 9 health benefits of consuming organic wildcrafted sea moss daily. Find out more about Conscious Moss or start shopping here.